About LeAnn Dolan

We are Ecru Modern Stationer

LeAnn Dolan opened her first Ecru shop in Portlandโ€™s Pearl District in July 2006. This was a culmination of more than 10 years in the stationery business and her growing passion for all things paper. These formative years imparted in LeAnn a strong belief that sending the perfect card has the power to create personal connections in celebrating and honoring all lifeโ€™s moments, holidays and milestone.

Her inspiration empowered her to fill her new shop with a curated collection of hip + modern stationery, paper goods and gifts. All beautifully designed and crafted by makers near and far with a modern sensibility fused with classic sense of style. In 2014, Ecru began to expand in Portland with a second shop located in the heart of Downtown near the Pioneer Courthouse with a third location opening soon after in 2016 at the base of the Ross Island Bridge serving the South Waterfront neighborhood.

Thereโ€™s a perfect imperfection in the scrawl of a handwritten noteโ€ฆ
Ink Meets Paper