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Covid-19 Update: Our Pearl District location is open
Monday-Saturday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, and closed on Sundays.

Additional details

Ecru will be instituting strict cleaning procedures & schedule plus shopping protocol includes respecting in-shop social distancing guidelines and facemasks are strongly encouraged to help protect customers and staff.

Our new limited hours are 10 am-3 pm Mon-Sat. and will continue to be temporarily closed on Sundays.

As the economy restarts, Ecru hopes to be moving these initial limited hours to regular hours as quickly as possible.

Our downtown and south waterfront shops remain close but anticipate reopening soon - keep checking here and social media for updates.

We look forward to seeing you in the shop soon!

Ecru also offers free in-store or curbside pickup at our Pearl shop from our online shop.

Imagine This

You reach into your mailbox and pull out a stack of envelopes. As you walk away, you flip through each one expectantly… bill, bill, junk mail, bill… and then, there it is.

A card. A real, live handwritten note in a gorgeous envelope, addressed to you. You haven’t even opened it, but already your day is better. Because someone thought of you, and sent you something wonderful.

That’s the power of a personal note. That moment is what Ecru is all about.

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About Us

Welcome to Ecru Modern Stationer.  I am LeAnn Dolan, the Founder and Owner of Ecru.  We are so happy you are here and learning more about Ecru.  We encourage you to check out our history & guiding values on our about us page.

Thank you for visiting and look forward to seeing you at our neighborhood shops soon.